Fashion: Styling Tips for the party outfit

A black dress is elegant

A party means fun for many people and music late into the night. However, before the guests enter the club, they must first pass the bouncer. This step often fails because of the clothing that does not meet the dress code. Although the clothing concepts vary between the clubs, there are still a few basic rules. Follow these, increase your chances to be allowed to enter the disco. Equally crucial is the impact of the overall appearance.

Comply with the dress code

To pass the bouncer, please check out the club website, which dress code you should meet and choose the party outfit made accordingly. Therefore, a short black dress or black trousers are elegant, while hip guest’s denim mini skirt and bright colours prefer. Importantly, the look should emphasize your positive type.

Put together the outfit

Now search out matching clothes and put the outfit together. Hint boot cut jeans can be combined well with both tops and blouses. Make sure that the colours do not bite. Serve with boots and a scarf as an accessory. You can also find Street One a great fashion choice for parties and everyday life. If you like fancy clothes, which is like the nu-rave-style fashion. Inspired by the party scene in London and Paris are the printed shirts in neon colours in fashion. Select the mode in which you feel comfortable and look good.

Fashion Trends in Gold Jewellery for Spring Summer 2013

Since time immemorial, men and women embellish with jewellery. Just like gold jewellery plays a significant role. For more than 7,000 years, humanity is a proven gold jewellery. In addition, for good reason, because gold jewellery never goes out of fashion. Gold jewellery is always in fashion and in 2013.

Many trends of the last few decades to live this year again, and so it might be worth to look for gold in the jewellery box from mother or grandmother for old jewellery. Almost no piece of jewellery is thereby often worn as earrings. Also in the Spring / Summer 2013 may not be missing earrings. With earrings of gold, you this year is all the rage. Depending on the occasion, choose small or large hoop earrings.